Short stories of myths, monsters and mothers.

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An irreverent monster mash-up novella-in-flash with heart.  Shortlisted for the 2022 International Rubery Book Award. Read more

The Naming Of Moths published by 

Fly On The Wall Press

10th November 2023

Stories of myths, monsters and mothers.

At dusk in a scented garden, a refugee names moths. The dying Miss Bethan asks Sofia to do a terrible thing. Something a mother should never ask.

It started with stealing her clothes and modulating her vowels but now the au pair has stolen Hannah’s identity. Why does no one believe Hannah is the real mother?

An archaeologist falls in love with an ancient, winged creature. With a child on the way, will he trap her, or will she choose to stay?

A woman writes lists, reassuringly controlled and positive. They must be followed in order, though her abusive husband mocks her for it. One list begins with a plane ticket to Australia; another to purchasing rope and duct-tape. Bucket lists are for the brave.

THE NAMING OF MOTHS features stories of magical realism, myths and legends re-imagined, where all the characters are undergoing transformation or facing a pivotal moment of change in their lives. People and animals interchange their shapes. Story landscapes flit from fairy-tale woods to urban homes. Here love, hope and kindness weave between the realities of man’s endless talent for cruelty.

Hairy On The Inside

published by Ad Hoc Fiction, 2021

An irreverent monster mash-up novella-in-flash with heart.

Hairy on the Inside is sparklingly clever, very funny, poignant sometimes and sharp as a wolf’s incisors.
~ Vanessa Gebbie

A funny and irreverent monster mash-up, with love in the mix, too, and a serious message about how to be the real you.

In this original, witty and irreverent novella-in-flash, Tracy Fells sprinkles her skilful writing magic over a group of extraordinary housemates.

The Young Ones meets An American Werewolf in London. Beautifully written and extremely funny!
~ Tim Craig, Winner of the Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction

Hairy On The Inside: Shortlisted for the Poetry & Short Fiction Category of the 2022 Rubery Book Award

"This is an inventive and entertaining novella-in-flashes focusing on a group of monsters cohabiting through the Covid-19 pandemic. The point-of-view character, Chloe, is a werewolf on the lookout for love, possessing a delightful wit that sparkles at the expense of her housemates, not to mention the government whose daily pandemic press briefings feature throughout the linked stories. There are some lovely set pieces, plenty of funny running gags, and a collection of delightfully eccentric characters whose existence as outcasts adds an element of social commentary to the tales. The book is both culturally informed and genre-aware, cleverly exploiting horror conventions to produce astute and often hilarious social satire. I can imagine fans of What We Do In the Shadows queuing up to buy it."